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        Available Cosmetic Surgery in Panama

        Available Medical Vacation Plastic Surgery in Panama

        Available Plastic Surgery

        Cosmetic surgery is indicated when a person chooses to change his/her physical appearance by reconstructive surgical or non-surgical procedures.

        This can be either cosmetic enhancements or functional reconstructive operations.

        Here at Hospital Punta Pacifica, affiliated with the John Hopkins Medicine International, we can help you achieve your goals in changing your appearance according to your needs and desires.

        The most popular Cosmetic Surgery packages we offer are the following:

        • Upper and Lower Eye-lid Surgery
        • Face-lift
        • Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck
        • Breast augmentation or enlargement
        • Breast lift
        • Breast reduction
        • Buttock lift plus prosthesis
        • Rinoplastia or Nose Surgery

        Call 1-866-578-0675 for a quote on these packages*.

        At The Punta Pacifica Hospital, affiliated with John Hopkins Medicine International, you can be assured of high quality of care, but for far more reasonable prices that will fit your budget. Based on your medical records, they will find you the perfect doctor to do the procedure of your choice. Your surgeon will set up a phone consultation, before you would come to Panama, to outline the steps to take prior to the surgery, which will ensure the success of your operation. During this phone conversation, you can ask any questions to your surgeon and discuss how to plan your post-operative recovery as well.

        *Any other cosmetic surgeries are possible on request.