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        Panama Buttock Lift Medical Tourism

        Panama Buttock Lift Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism

        Panama Butt Lift
        For those seeking a better body image, the butt is often a trouble spot. Whether it sags due to tremendous weight loss or the effects of age and gravity, the butt is generally the focal point of exercise for both men and women. However, exercise does not always work. Cellulite and stretched skin can become an eyesore and more importantly, have a detrimental effect on your self esteem. The Buttock Lift is quickly becoming a popular surgery to alleviate the cosmetic stress created by a flabby, sagging rear.

        Your medical vacation butt lift is generally an outpatient procedure lasting between three and six hours depending upon the extent of the procedure. If the surgery is extensive, general anesthesia will be used and you may have to stay in the hospital two to three days following the surgery. Liposuction is often used in conjuncture with a buttock lift.

        Upon arrival at Punta Pacifica in Panama for your butt lift, you can expect all the expertise and comfort of a world class Hospital. Your doctor will ask questions relating to your medical history and perform a routine, complete physical examination. Your Panama surgeon will examine your butt and thigh area and speak with you about the results you wish to obtain.

        There is no singular method for a buttock lift. Any incisions made, however, will be placed discreetly, so scars are hidden by bathing suits or underwear. The basic procedure involves one or more incisions your surgeon can work from. After making the incision(s), liposuction may be utilized to remove excess fat. Excess skin is then detached and your surgeon will reshape the remaining skin and lift it, taught, towards the waist. The skin is then stitched back together for a firmer buttocks. Drains may be placed at the operation site to prevent fluid build up.

        As your medical tourism buttock lift is generally an outpatient procedure, be sure you have someone to pick you up from Punta Pacifica and spend at least the first night with you. If your butt lift procedure was more radical our well trained Panama doctors may want to monitor you in the hospital for two to three days.

        As with any surgery, there will be tenderness, swelling and bruising at the site of the surgery. You may experience a tingling sensation in you buttocks area due to healing nerves. This should subside within a few months. Your surgeon may prescribe pain medication for an discomfort and youll most likely be at home two to three weeks following the procedure. Within six weeks you can resume any athletic activities.

        There is some degree of risk with any type of surgery. Luckily, significant complications are rare with a buttock lift. Some complications include infection, bad scarring and loss of sensation in the area.

        You will see the thrilling results of your Panama Butt lift within four to six months. Youll no longer be afraid of throwing on your bathing suit and hitting the beach or just lounging pool-side.