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        Dental Treatments- Panama Medical Tourism

        Panama Dental Treatments Medical Tourism

        Dental Treatments
        Do you like your smile? Do you enjoy your visits to the dentist? If you answered no to these questions, we want you to be our patient. At the Dental Center of Hospital Punta Pacifica, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, we specialize in helping patients who are dissatisfied with their smiles or have experienced problems with dental visits in the past. We offer world-class dental care in a warm environment. Our staff in the Dental Center understands this can be an unsettling time and they will do their best to help you relax and receive the care that you deserve. You will receive a warm greeting, steady reassurance and the finest care available whether you are six or sixty-six.

        At Hospital Punta Pacifica, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, we consistently strive to meet and exceed your medical needs. This is the reason that we have established our Centers of Excellence. We have searched to find the very best doctors and staff so that you not only receive the finest health care available, but you have the assurance that our expertise meets the high standards of Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Our Dental Center is committed to being the health care answer for Panamanians and health tourists alike.

        Our Dental Center provides much more than just exams and cleanings. We offer:

        • General Dentistry
        • Pediatric Dentistry
        • Orthodontics
        • Endodontics
        • Periodontics
        • Oral Surgery
        • Dental Implants

        If you need routine dental care, advanced surgical procedures or cosmetic dentistry, we are here for you. Our surgeons, dentists and staff are among the best and have the accreditation of Johns Hopkins Medicine International. In addition, we offer a non-intimidating environment for your children including orthodontics and pediatric dentistry.