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        Hair Restoration - Panama Medical Tourism

        Panama Medical Tourism Hair Resoration Procedures

        Panama Hair Restoration
        Hair loss is one of the biggest promoters of self consciousness and the biggest destroyers of self esteem in men and women alike. Whether due to genetics, hormones, aging or burns, bald spots and receding hairlines reek havoc on the ego. Luckily, Hospital Punta Pacifica offers many options for partial or complete Panama hair restoration.

        There are many methods for hair restoration and our American trained medical professionals will sit down with you to discuss the procedure most effective for your personal needs. Several surgical sessions are often required for hair restoration and the duration of each session is dependent upon the restoration method, amount of hair being replaced and desired fullness. A period of a few or more months in-between procedures is necessary for complete and proper healing.

        Your Panama hair restoration procedure(s) is generally an outpatient procedure requiring local anesthetic and IV sedation. As your scalp is not a typically sensitive area, you will most likely be awake for the operation and may experience a slight tugging?sensation from time to time. Prior to your surgery, your doctor will briefly discuss your medical history as well as any medications you might be taking. Your doctor will speak frankly with you about your expectations and photographs will be taken of your scalp for your medical records.

        If you smoke, you will be asked to not smoke in the weeks prior to surgery. You will also be asked to refrain from taking aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory drug as they thin the blood and can cause an increase in bleeding.

        If you and your Panama surgeon decide on hair transplantation, there are five types of grafts that can be utilized. The micro graft holds 1-2 hairs, the mini graft holds 2-4. A slit graft holds 4-10 hairs while a round-shaped punch graft can hold 10-15. Strip grafts are long and thin and contain any where between 30 and 40 hairs. All of the grafts are harvested from healthy hair growing portions of the back or side of your scalp. The grafts are harvested with either a scalpel or a specialized carbon steel tube instrument in the case of punch grafts. The grafts are generally placed about an eight of any inch apart from each other to promote healthy blood flow in the scalp. The bald area between grafts will be filled in with separate grafts in the following procedures.

        Other types of hair restoration techniques include tissue expansion, flap surgery and scalp reduction. Tissue expansion involves the use of implants to stretch out the skin on your scalp. After the skin has stretched significantly, your Punta Pacifica surgeon will pull the expanded skin over your existing bald area(s). During flap surgery, a bald portion of the scalp is removed and a flap of hair growing skin is pulled over and sewn down in its place. Scalp reduction is a special form of flap surgery used to cover the crown of the head, creating a more natural hair line.

        Following your medical vacation hair restoration, you may experience some discomfort and/or tightness which can be controlled by common pain medication prescribed by your Panama physician. Bandages may be removed within ten days and any strenuous physical activity can be resumed within a few weeks. Some patients of hair restoration return to work within a couple of days following the procedure. All this depends on the extent of the procedure and your physicians recommendations. Your physician will also remind you that it is common for grafted hair to fall out. The hair should grow back within a couple of months.

        Though rare, complications from hair restoration can occur. Excessive scarring and bleeding are among the risks. In some occasions the grafts do not take and no new hair growth is noticeable. If you continue to lose hair following hair restoration, you may develop unnatural looking patches of hair. John Hopkins International affiliated Hospital Punta Pacifica has a world class facility to fulfill all your Hair Restoration needs.