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        Laser Skin Resurfacing - Panama Medical Tourism

        Panama Laser Skin Resurfacing Medical Vacations

        Panama Laser Skin Resurfacing
        Do you have a mole or birth mark you want removed? Did oily skin leave you with pock marks from acne? Do you have unsightly scars or capillary bundles on your face you wish were gone? Maybe an out-door youth full of sun, wind and/or cold winter air has left you with a prematurely wrinkled face. While some people choose to ignore these obvious facial imperfections, many prefer to address the issue head on with Panama Laser Skin Resurfacing.

        A world class facility, Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama offers professional, reliable laser skin resurfacing. Prior to the treatment, your doctor will briefly discuss your medical history as well as any medications you might be taking. Your doctor will enquire about your expectations and measurements and photographs will be taken of your face for your medical record.

        A medical vacation laser skin resurfacing can take anywhere between a half hour to two hours depending on the extent of skin to be resurfaced. The operation is generally an outpatient procedure utilizing local anesthetic and an oral or IV sedative for comfort and relaxation.

        Two types of laser can be used for your procedure and your physician will determine which is right for your after a physical evaluation and discussion of the desired outcome. CO2 laser treatment has been used for the passed twenty years. After you have been sedated, your American trained surgeon will aim a short pulsed or continuous beam of light directly at the effected area. As your surgeon directs the laser, it vaporizes the top few thin layers of the skin. An Erbium laser may be used in the case of age-lines and wrinkles. Because the Erbium laser burns less of the surrounding tissue, recovery time is shorter than recovery following CO2 laser resurfacing.

        After your surgeon has completed your treatment, bandages are placed on the operation area. These bandages will be removed within three days. Your physician will then prescribe a hygienic regimen of washing the treated area with cool water or a saline solution. Vaseline or ointment will be prescribed as well. The cleansing along with the ointment will help prevent any scars from forming. You will begin to see results 10 to 21 days following your Punta Pacifica laser skin resurfacing. However, redness around the area may persist up to two to three months.

        As with all medical procedures, complications can accompany laser skin resurfacing. Infection, swelling and scarring may occur. Hyper or hypo pigmentation (darkening or lightening of the skins natural color) can also occur. All risks and complications should be discussed frankly with your physician prior to the treatment. Laser skin resurfacing is not a procedure solely reserved for the skin on the face. Any imperfections on exposed or non-exposed skin can be corrected with this treatment. Get rid of unsightly skin blemishes and wrinkles and have a rejuvenated sense of self with a Hospital Punta Pacifica Laser skin resurfacing.