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        Lip Augmentation - Panama Medical Tourism

        Medical Tourism Lip Augmentation Surgery in Panama

        Panama Lip Augmentation
        Over our life-span, our lips will lose their fullness. Small wrinkles can also form around the upper and lower lip. Like any other effect of aging or hereditary design, thin lips often lead to a poor self image. You can not help but focus on the problem area whenever you pass by a mirror. You attempt to correct the issue in vain with different types of gloss and/or lipstick. There is a simple and easy answer to thin or wrinkled lips: Lip Augmentation.

        Upon arrival at Hospital Punta Pacifica for your Panama lip augmentation, you can expect all the expertise and comfort of a world class facility. Your American trained doctor will discuss your medical history with you along with any medications you may be taking. Be sure to speak candidly with your doctor regarding your expectations and the desired shape and size of your lips. At the end of this session, pictures will be taken of your lips for your medical records.

        If you smoke, you will be asked to stop in the weeks prior to your lip augmentation. You will also be asked to refrain from taking aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory drug as they thin the blood and can cause an increase in bleeding.

        Your medical tourism lip augmentation can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depends on the desired results and the augmentation method. The quickest procedure is augmentation through injection. The two most commonly injected materials are either collagen or human fat harvested from a separate site on your body. Before the injection(s), your surgeon may numb the area for your comfort with a topical anesthetic. If youre utilizing collagen, tiny needles will force the material into the designated sites. If you use fat injections, the fat is taken from another part of your body (generally the thigh), purified and then injected in to the lips.

        While collagen injections last between two to four months and fat injections will generally last longer. As with all medical procedures, complications can arise with both. Patients may experience an allergic reaction to the collagen while scarring and lumping can be associated with fat injections. If you seek a more permanent result with your lip augmentation, there are a few types of implants your doctor can recommend. These implants are either harvested from your own tissue or donor tissue from a cadaver. The donor tissue is highly processed and has a very slight risk of infection. Implantation will take slightly longer and may be done under a local anesthetic for your comfort. Small incisions are made in the corners of the mouth and the implants are placed up, inside the lip. General complications from lip augmentation can include infection, rejection of donor material, asymmetry, bleeding, implant migration and firmness at the injection site.

        If you choose to stay in Panama following your lip augmentation, be prepared for two days of bed rest and physician prescribed diet. For the first week following the surgery avoid laughing smiling, sleeping on your stomach and any strenuous physical activity. Bring the fullness back to your lips and your life with a John Hopkins International affiliated, Hospital Punta Pacifica Lip Augmentation.