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        Liposuction - Panama Medical Tourism

        Panama Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Medical Vacation

        Panama Liposuction
        We all have problem spots on our bodies and most of us have a little extra padding here and there. The problem arises when diet and exercise fail to eliminate those trouble spots. Outer thighs, inner thighs, the belly or gut, the love handles the arm danglers - theyre all areas of the body that can accumulate and keep unwanted fat deposits. Though we can get in to an regular regimen of cardio and weight training, the technological and fast paced times of the day often dont allow us the physical concentration necessary to completely tone up. There is an answer. Where your genetic map or simple inability to shed those extra pounds haunts your body, Liposuction can help.

        Liposuction or lipoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries and has been performed since 1982. The operation is usually preformed under general anesthesia and depending on the extent of fat being removed, can take anywhere between two and five hours. Be prepared to spend the night following surgery in the hospital if you are having a significant amount of fat removed.

        Prior your Panama Liposuction, you and your doctor will discuss your medical history. Your doctor will ask you to provide a detailed description of the results you are seeking and speak frankly with you about the procedure. If you smoke, you will be asked to not smoke in the weeks prior to surgery. On the day of the surgery, its best to wear loose fitting clothing easy to slip on and off following the liposuction.

        The procedure itself, though dramatic, is fairly simple. You will be sedated and your vital signs will be monitored. Your American trained Panama surgeon will make small incisions, hidden by natural skin creases, in an area near the desired liposuction site. Though there are a few methods of liposuction, the most common method is called Tumescent Liposuction. After the incision(s) are made, the fat is filled with tumescent liquid. This liquid generally consists of saline and local anesthetic. Your surgeon then gently inserts a long, thin rod through the incision site and maneuvers the rod gently back and forth. A hole near the tip of the rod sucks out the fat through a tube. The ultrasonic method of liposuction also utilizes tumescent fluid, but liquifies the fat prior to suctioning it out. Your surgeon determines when the proper amount of fat has been removed and sutures the small incisions shut.

        Because of the trauma your body endures through liposuction, your doctor will recommend you wear a compression garment on the effected area following surgery. Temporary drains may also be placed in the operation site(s) to rid the body of excess fluid build up. Allow for upwards of 10 days before returning to work. Though your surgeon will discuss a proper recovery regimen, rest and relaxation are strongly recommended. You will most likely experience a moderate amount of pain and discomfort and your doctor will prescribe pain medication accordingly.

        As with all surgery, there are risks involved with liposuction. Among the complications are infection, body asymmetry, excessive bleeding and/or scarring, discoloration, and in rare cases (1 in 10,000) death.

        Get rid of those troubling fat deposits with Hospital Punta Pacifica Liposuction and regain confidence in your physical appearance and in your life.