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        Neck Lift - Panama Medical Tourism

        Panama Plastic Surgery Medical Vacation Neck Lift

        Panama Neck Lift
        Whether genetics, substantial weight loss or aging is the culprit, a sagging neck line is both cosmetically and mentally displeasing. Often times, people will hide their neck behind jewelry or clothing or scarfs. This clothing hiding and the lack of self esteem surrounding a turkey waddle neck can be socially inhibiting. There is a better solution. A platysmaplasty, or neck lift, could be the answer you are searching for.

        A Panama neck lift is generally an out patient procedure utilizing local anesthesia and IV sedation. Feel free to discuss your choice of anesthesia with your American trained surgeon prior to the lift.

        In the one one or two consultation visits with your Hospital Punta Pacifica doctor, you will discuss your medical history and any medications you may be taking as well as your expectations. You will be given specific instructions prior to your medical tourism neck lift. If you smoke, you will be asked to stop in the weeks prior to your breast lift. You will also be asked to refrain from taking aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory drug as they thin the blood and can cause an increase in bleeding.

        Depending upon the desired results, your neck lift can consist of three separate mini?operations and can last between two and three hours. If you wish to lose some fat around the neck and chin area in order to accentuate your jaw line, your surgeon will make a small incision underneath your chin and liposuction the fat away. Next, in order to correct jowls or a waddle,?small incisions are made just below and behind the ears. Your doctor may choose to remove or manipulate a small amount of muscle and suture it back together. Small strips of skin are then removed and the remaining ends are pulled taught and sutured back together for a thinner, tighter neck and jaw line.

        If you stay in Panama on medical vacation following your neck lift, be sure to allow for plenty of rest and relaxation as most patients take 10-15 days off before heading back in to work. For proper and quick healing Its necessary to keep your head and neck still for two weeks following the surgery. Do not engage in any strenuous physical activity for three weeks or longer depending on your doctors recommendations. Any pain and discomfort can be controlled through prescribed pain medication.

        Swelling, numbness and a pulling?sensation are all common the first few weeks following the procedure. Though results can be detected almost immediately, it may take up to a month to see the full results of your neck lift.

        As with all surgical procedures, there are some risks involved with a neck lift. Though rare, these risks include allergic reaction (to the anesthetic) and infection. Get back to the beach with a fully visible jaw-line and a tighter, more youthful neck with a Johns Hopkins International affiliated, Hospital Punta Pacifica Neck Lift.