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        Otoplasty (ears) - Panama Medical Tourism

        Medical Tourism Ear Surgery in Panama

        From hurled insults such as Dumbo?to the less inspired, yet equally offensive hey big ears,?large and/or protruding ears can call negative attention to the effected person. Though children are often the butt off such comments, adults who never tackled the issue early in life can also experience the adverse social stigma surrounding disproportionate ear to head size. Fortunately, there is no longer need to suffer. Hospital Punta Pacifica offers American trained surgeons who can perform Otoplasty.

        Otoplasty is a simple surgery that lasts between two and three hours and corrects the problem of large, protruding ears. The length of the surgery is dependent upon the amount of cartilage sculpting necessary to produce the best results.

        As otoplasty is generally performed on children between the ages of four and 14, you will need to accompany your child to the pre-operation consultation. Your Panama surgeon will discuss your childs medical history and speak with you and your child frankly about your expectations. Several pictures will be taken of the ears and your doctor will give any pre-operation instructions.

        Most times otoplasty is performed as an out patient procedure under local anesthetic and sedatives. However, depending on the age of a patient, your surgeon may recommend general anesthesia followed by a night in the hospital. The surgery itself consisted of an incision in the back of the ear along the natural crease where the ear meets the head. There are two common methods for this surgical correction. The first method requires your surgeon remove small pieces of skin and cartilage. He or she then sutures the remaining cartilage and skin back together pulling the ear closer to the head. In the second method, your surgeon can sculpt the cartilage, fold it back on itself and suture the cartilage together thereby, again, pulling the ear closer to the head. The specific method used is at the discretion of your doctor. Even if only one ear is effected, both ears will be operated on to ensure proper symmetry.

        Recovery from your Panama otoplasty usually takes five to seven days. Directly following the procedure, bulky wrapping is placed around the head to allow for proper healing. The bulky bandages are replaced with a wrap resembling a head band. Any stitches that do not dissolve are removed within a week. Children can go back to school within seven days and adults are usually back to work within five days of the surgery.

        The scar from otoplasty generally fades to a thin white line that is hidden in the natural crease where the ear meets the head. Though complications are rare, there are risks involved with otoplasty as there are with all surgeries. The most common complications for this surgery include small blood clots forming in the ear and an infection in the cartilage that may necessitate anti-biotics. Let your child grow up without the insults. Come to Hospital Punta Pacifica in Panama for otoplasty.