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        Post Bariatric Surgery - Panama Medical Tourism

        Post Bariatric Surgery Panama Plastic Surgery Vacations

        Post Bariatric Surgery
        Often times, drastic weigh loss following a procedure such as gastric bypass leaves you with a tremendous amount of excess skin hanging from your body. This unappealing consequence of rapid weight loss can leave you with an even worse body image than prior to the surgery. The hanging skin will remain on your body until surgeons remove this skin in a process known as body contouring. The surgeries among this group of contouring procedures are referred to as post bariatric surgery.

        Your Panama Post Bariatric Surgery can consist of several procedures preformed over a period of time. Your doctor will visit with you, discuss your medical history, the results you wish to attain and create a timeline for your post bariatric procedures.

        Often involved in this body contouring is a tummy tuck, a thigh lift, a buttock lift and a breast augmentation or breast lift. During a tummy tuck, incisions are made just above the pubic line and around the naval. Excess skin is removed, the naval is placed in its new position and the incision is pulled taught and sutured closed. A thigh lift consists of small incisions around the bathing suit line. Excess skin is removed, any liposuction is preformed as necessary and the skin is pulled tight and sutured closed. With a buttock lift, one or more incisions are made in the back area around the waist line. Excess skin is removed an the incision is pulled up towards the waist and sutured shut for a tighter rear. A breast lift is performed on sagging breasts to give them a more youthful and firmer appearance. An anchor-shaped incision is made from the nipple down to the underside of the breast along the natural crease where the breast meets the chest. Excess breast skin is removed, the areola and nipple are placed at a higher position, and the incision is sewn shut.

        To learn more about your medical tourism post bariatric surgery, feel free to click on the procedures individual links. Here you will find detailed information regarding the procedures, recovery time and any risks or complications involved.

        If you have excess skin hanging from your new body following drastic weight loss, be sure to come to our world class, Johns Hopkins international associated facility where american trained doctors will attend to your every need. Hospital Punta Pacifica can help you achieve a better looking body to boost your confidence and give you the image youve been looking for.