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        Thigh Lift - Panama Medical Tourism

        Medical Holiday Thigh Lift Surgery in Panama

        Thigh Lift

        For many people out there trying to attain a healthier body in in actuality and appearance, the thigh area is a trouble spot. Through aging, genetics or extreme weight loss, thighs can accumulate excess, sagging skin and fat deposits that no exercise regimen can eliminate. Fortunately for those people there is a solution. A panama thigh lift at Hospital Punta Pacifica can eliminate that sagging skin and those annoying fat deposits.

        Before you enjoy a day on the beach, one of our American trained doctors will sit down with you for your initial consultation. During this consultation, your medical history will be reviewed and you should discuss your expectations with surgeon being open and honest regarding the results you seek. Pictures of your thighs will be taken for your medical records.

        A thigh lift can last several hours depending upon the amount of tissue involved and the desired results. Usually performed under general anesthesia, the procedure is done on an out patient basis so be sure to have someone available to pick you up.

        The most common thigh lift is an inner thigh lift. During this procedure, your surgeon makes a short incision in the natural crease where the inner thigh meets the groin. The skin is then separated from the fat and the underlying tissue. Excess fat and skin are removed. Your surgeon then pulls the remaining skin up and sutures the two ends of the incision closed, pulling the skin taught. With a bilateral thigh lift, an short incision is made along the pant line of the front of the thigh. The skin is separated from the underlying tissue, excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is pulled and sutured to the incision site. This surgery pull the font of the thigh tighter, for a more defined upper-leg. The outside of the thigh is generally sculpted with Liposuction but in extreme cases can under go a similar procedure to the inner and bilateral thigh lifts.

        Because of the location of the surgery site, a thigh lift requires a recovery period of up to six weeks. Directly following the procedure, you will be placed in restrictive compression garments to allow for proper healing. Drains may also be place at the incision sites to allow for proper drainage of any excess blood and fluid. Any strenuous activity should be avoided for at least six weeks following the surgery. For a small thigh lift, moderate discomfort can be controlled with prescribed pain medication while a major thigh lift necessitates a hospital stay of up to two days for a controlled, IV pain drip. Bruising, swelling and skin discoloration should disappear between four and six months following your thigh lift and in the same amount of time, you will be able to see the full results.

        As with all surgeries, there are risks and complications involved with a thigh lift. Bad scarring, hematoma (blood accumulation), asymmetry and anesthesia risks are rare, but can occur. Be sure to speak candidly with your surgeon regarding the risks of any surgery.

        Johns Hopkins International affiliated Hospital Punta Pacifica offers a world class facility and highly experienced surgeons to perform your thigh lift or any other desired cosmetic surgery.