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        Wrinkle Fillers - Panama Medical Tourism

        Panama Collagen Wrinkle Filler Plastic Surgery

        Wrinkle Fillers
        A medical tourism wrinkle filler procedure is the perfect procedure to have during your Panama vacation. The filling is an outpatient operation that takes no longer than twenty minutes. Pop in and speak with one of our American-trained doctors. He or she will discuss the different options you have for filling your age lines.

        Wrinkle filling is generally accomplished through a series of injections, depending on the length and depth of any given wrinkle. For deeper wrinkles, your surgeon may recommend a soft facial implant. Either way, youll be in and out of the office within a half hour.

        Your Panama surgeon with use a local anesthetic at the injection site(s). Then, using the agreed upon filler, the surgeon with slowly fill the wrinkle up with a material that is generally a collagen stimulant. Because the filler is not sold, the injection site will feel completely natural. If you opt for a soft facial implant, your surgeon will make two small incisions at each end of the wrinkle, thread the implant through and close the incisions. A soft facial implant will have a more lasting effect that a filler, which generally lasts between three months to a year.

        Though complications are rare, adverse effects of wrinkle fillers have been documented. Among these effects are allergic reaction, bruising, swelling and unnatural firmness at the injection site. Be sure to speak candidly with your doctor about the risks of wrinkle filling procedure.

        Stroll into our world class Punta Pacifica hospital, fill in those nagging, age verifying wrinkles and be back at the beach within the hour.