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        Personal Medical Travel Consultant

        Cosmetic Surgery Panama Medical Travel Consultant

        Personal Medical Travel Consultant

        Patients who choose Panama Medical Vacations as their provider for a cosmetic surgery procedure often do so for the high level of service we provide.

        Panama Medical Vacations provides this high quality service by assigning every patient to a Personal Medical Travel Consultant.

        Panama Medical Tourism Guidance

        Personal Medical Travel Consultants lead patients through every step in planning a medical tourism plastic surgery procedure in Panama. This includes:

        • Answering patient questions about the services we provide and how we can help make a Panama Medical Vacation safe, easy, and affordable
        • Recommending services such as lodging and transportation according to each patient's individual needs
        • Help patients in planning for a medical tourism package from start to finish. This includes, but is not limited to these services:
          • Arrangement of accommodations and transportation
          • Advice on visas, passports, and air travel
          • Scheduling with the hospital, hotels, transportation, and other services
          • Assistance with filling out forms and the gathering of necessary medical information
          • Coordination of questions and answers between patients and the doctor or doctors who will be performing the procedures
          • Provide accurate information about tourist activities available during a Panama Medical Vacation
          • Airport greeting and Panama departure assistance
          • "On Call" advice and concierge service during your time in Panama