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        Panama Medical Tourism Planning

        Plan a Medical Vacation for Plastic Surgery in Panama

        Panama Medical Vacation Planning

        Every patient served by Panama Medical Vacations has unique needs, making every visit different. Because of this, the outline below is meant to serve only as a general guide.

        • Identify Needs
          • Patient contacts Panama Medical Vacations and speaks with a Personal Medical Travel Consultant to determine the specific needs for a plastic surgery procedure in Panama.
        • Patient Information Authorizaton
          • Once the patient's needs have been identified they will receive a medical information release form which will allow Panama Medical Vacations to begin working with the hospital on behalf of the patient.
        • Authorization Follow-up
          • At this time, your Personal Medical Travel Consultant will call you. Potential dates and accommodations will be discussed, as well as confirming desired procedures.
        • Preferences Form & Medical Questionaire
          • The patient fills out the e-mailed Patient Preferences Form that includes their preferences for lodging, transportation, and other services, and dates they would like to schedule.
          • A detailed Patient Medical Questionnaire will be e-mailed to the patient that must be filled out very accurately.
          • For most cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, photos of the areas of the body undergoing surgery will be necessary for evaluation by the hospital and doctors. It is very important to have recently taken, high-quality images so the doctor or doctors can accurately access the potential surgery.
          • The patient also begins gathering and sending medical transcripts, x-rays, MRI's or other medical information that may be needed.
          • The information from these forms will be used to generate a preliminary price estimate.
        • Patient Information Follow-up
          • The preliminary price estimate will be discussed with the patient at this time.
          • If the price quotation is acceptable to the patient, Panama Medical Vacations will now move forward to confirm available surgery dates and begin holding reservations for other services such as lodging and transportation.
        • Final Price Quote
          • Quote includes all hospital and related surgery fees, accommodations, transportation and other services desired by the patient.
          • A $500 deposit must be paid by the patient to Panama Medical Vacations if the details of the final quote are acceptable.
        • Confirm Reservations
          • Upon receipt of deposit, Panama Medical Vacations confirms reservation with hospital and other services.
          • Panama Medical Vacations will then contact patient to book air travel.
        • Itinerary Produced
          • Upon receipt of air travel reservation confirmation, Panama Medical Vacations produces a detailed itinerary for the patient.
        • Final Payment
          • Payment for all services must be received from the patient three business days prior to arrival date.
        • Travel to Panama