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        Your Panama Medical Travel Visit

        Your visit for affordable plastic surgery in Panama

        Your Panama Medical Travel Visit

        Every patient served by Panama Medical Vacations has unique needs, making every visit different. Because of this, the outline below is meant to serve only as a general guide.

        • Arrival In Panama
          • All Panama Medical Vacations patients are greeted at the arrival gate by a VIP Valet and escorted past customs and immigration lines to the VIP Lounge.
          • Patients are greeted in the VIP lounge by their Personal Medical Travel Consultant or chauffeur.
          • Once baggage is delivered by VIP lounge attendants, the patient is escorted to their hotel and checked in.
        • Doctor Patient Consultation
          • Patients generally meet with their doctor or doctors for a final review of medical transcripts with 24 hours of arrival.
          • Patient health is assessed and any preliminary tests or examinations that may be required for surgery are performed.
        • Surgical Procedure
          • Patient surgical procedure takes place and post-operative care begins.
        • Recovery
          • Patients recover according to the surgery or surgeries performed, under careful supervision of the attending doctor.
        • Tourist Activities
          • After patient has recovered, and under strict authorization by the doctor, any tourist or relaxation activities in Panama can be enjoyed.
        • Departure for Home
          • Patients are escorted to the airport by their Personal Medical Travel Consultant or chauffeur
          • Assistance with all luggage and departure processes is provided.