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        Panama Medical Vacation Packages

        How Panama Medical Vacation Packages Work

        How to Plan Your Panama
        Medical Vacation Package

        Panama Medical Vacations will serve as your personal assistant, hospital interaction representative, travel coordinator and activity concierge for your Panama Plastic Surgery Holiday.

        Customize Your Medical Holiday

        Each patient works directly with a Personal Medical Travel Consultant to arrange for their personalized medical holiday.

        Choose limousine airport pickup and transportation, a five star hotel, dedicated nursing, and personalized tours for a luxury medical vacation. Or,

        Request more economical accommodations, a rental car, and a short weekend stay to enjoy saving money while visiting beautiful Panama City.

        Choose Your Medical Travel Vacation

        Check the links at the right to see some of the choices available to patients of Panama Medical Vacations. Decide what you like and consult with one of our representatives to create your perfect Panama Medical Travel Vacation.

        At this time, we do not directly arrange airline travel. We have found that it is most economical and practical for patients to get airfare on their own. Please visit our Panama Medical Tourism air travel page to search over 100 airlines for the best prices for your needs.