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        Panama Medical Tours & Sightseeing

        Tours for Panama Plastic Surgery Medical Holidays

        Panama Investment Tours

        Panama Medical Tourism - Panama Investment ToursInvestment in the nation of Panama is exploding right now. Historically known as the "crossroads of the world", Panama and its people are encouraging the international community to visit and live within its democratic borders. With incentives in the areas of real estate, reforestation investments, eco-tourism developments, and foreign residency, Panama is paving the way for a trend of sustainable growth and prosperity.

        Panama Golf Tours

        Panama Medical Vacation - Panama Golf ToursPanama offers the best championship golf course in Central America. This includes the only seaside golf course in the region and near Panama City, the only golf course with a computerized GPS system. Enjoy cool Highland Mountain golfing in Boquete. Choose from scenic seaside courses just over and hour from Panama City.

        Panama Bird Watching Tours

        Panama Medical Holiday - Panama Bird Watching ToursPanama is known worldwide to have the most offcial spottings of bird species within a single square mile! This notoriety is extended to Panama year after year and is simply indicative of this region both as a preserved natural habitat, and also as a location that is always appreciated and often loved by bird watchers. Birdwatchers long ago staked out Panama as one of their favorite habitats.

        Panama Canal Tours

        Panama Medical Tourism - Panama Canal ToursPanama is well known for the Canal. Even by todays standards it is awesome to see a container ship gliding past rain forests, rural landscapes, and through the massive locks of the Panama Canal. Put the Canal in the context of turn-of-the-19th century technology and the feat of its construction truly qualifies it as one of the wonders of the world.

        Panama Jungle Tours

        Panama Medical Vacation - Panama Jungle ToursVenture into the canopy or ride in a dugout canoe down rivers surrounded by the dense jungle and its howling monkeys and chattering birds. Panama's jungles offer a unique look into a rainforest eco-systems and tours for every type of traveler can be arranged.

        Panama Fishing Tours

        Panama Medical Holiday -- Panama Fishing ToursPanama's name means "abundance of fish," according to one popular translation. And the fish abound in waters that can be reached from Panama City in a few minutes. Whether you want the challenge of a back-breaking marlin or the joy of tempting trout with delicate flies, there is fishing in Panama to please the most avid angler.

        Panama Whale Watching Tours

        Panama Medical Tourism - Panama Whale Watching ToursPanama is well known as one of the world's "hot spots" of marine biodiversity, and the surrounding waters of Isla Contadora (where they Filmed Survivor) are excellent for dolphin and whale watching. These short expeditions offer a unique opportunity to observe whales and dolphins in the wild, and to learn about the ecology of marine ecosystems from experts in this field.