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        Questions and Answers About Panama Medical Tourism

        Learn about Panama Medical Tourism for Cosmetic Surgery

        What is Medical Tourism?

        Medical tourism, also known as health tourism, offers a different and affordable approach to medical procedures, giving patients a chance to relax, while recovering from or awaiting their particular surgeries.

        Medical tourism offers international citizens affordable pricing, making top-quality medical care available to all people seeking the best possible medical treatment.

        Why Choose Panama for a Medical Vacation?

        World Class Hospital Punta Pacifica
        Panama Plastic Surgery Medical Travel Hospital Punta PacificAt Hospital Punta Pacifica, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, you will be treated by outstanding surgeons and staff. Many of the doctors and surgeons here are American trained and almost all are English speaking.

        This new hospital facility is state of the art and located in the most prestigious part of Panama City. At Hospital Punta Pacifica, Affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, you will not only find surgical excellence equal to that of the States but affordable health solutions as well.

        Panama is Tourist Friendly
        Panama Plastic Surgery Medical Travel Tourist FriendlyMany people in Panama speak English as a second language, taxi drivers are friendly and honest, and the crimes that plague foreigners in many countries, like purse-snatching and pick pocketing, are rare. Panama is safe - relax and enjoy!

        Panamanians have been working closely with foreigners - the Americans in the Canal Zone - for nearly a hundred years. They are accustomed to providing service and quality and take pride in their country's strong reputation as an international crossroads.

        Panama is Easy to Visit
        Panama Plastic Surgery Medical Travel Easy to VisitPanama is close to the US and is just a short plane-ride away. Six major US cities offer direct daily flights to Panama City: Los Angeles, New York, Newark, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Orlando.

        The currency of Panama is the US dollar, making currency exchange easy and the associated hassle disappear.

        Panama Has First-World Infrastructure
        Panama Plastic Surgery Medical Travel Modern CityPanama City is an modern capital city with high speed Internet, the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world, a banking sector with 100 banks, first rate hotels and restaurants, and shopping almost on par with the United States of America. The highway infrastructure, medical care, and business services are excellent. Even the tap water is safe to drink, a rarity in Latin America.